Serving as the voice and resource to the San Diego autism community.

The Take Me Home registry is a cooperative program with the San Diego Sheriff’s and several local organizations which serve a variety of people with special health and safety needs to help them be identified when encountered by law enforcement officers throughout the county as persons with special needs, thus protecting their safety and helping them to access the care they need quickly.  

Take Me Home is intended to serve, through these expert organizations, people with developmental disabilities or medical conditions that may increase their risk of wandering or being lost, or that may be unable to identify themselves or provide accurate information about their immediate needs.

Autism Society San Diego is pleased to serve the San Diego autism community as the liaison to the SD Sheriff and will gladly assist anyone wishing to register their family member with an autism spectrum or related disorder.

download the Registration form and fill it out as completely as possible, then mail it to the Autism Society San Diego office at PO Box 420908, San Diego, CA 92142-0908. Please include either a recent close up full face photograph or an email address where we can contact you to have you send a digital photograph once we receive your registration form. If you have a school-age child a school portrait is ideal. A clear focused snapshot is fine but the photo must be up-to-date.

Take Me Home Registry

Once we receive your registration and photo we will work with the Sheriff Dept to electronically enter this information into the data base and he or she will be a registered Take Me Home participant. There is nothing else that you need to do until a system for updating information is established. However if you do experience a significant change such as a change of address or contact persons you must notify the Sheriffs for the program to be effective should an event occur. 

Please contact our office with any questions; 858-715-0678  or